Water Park

Entering the Sigiriya city complex through the inner wall to the west, you will find the water park complex. Especially the water park complex is just the beginning. The area consists of water sports pavilions, ponds, water tanks, water yards, waterways and moats. The soles of the feet are lined with gravel or granite. Most of these shallow slow-flowing waters are constantly present. The main water park has an island surrounded by water and a small pavilion in the middle of the island.

                                                        There is a waterway to the other side of the island. It is also important to note that this water park was designed 500years before the Angkor in Cambodia or the Mughal Gardens in India.

                                             There are four English L shaped ponds and a tunnel of different heights contributed to the retention of water bodies of different sizes in these four ponds. Of these ponds, the southwestern one has a pond for bathing and a flight of steps leading down to it. The water flower garden is divided into two parts.

In a western part there are two ponds, one deeper and one longer, and the bottom of which is paved with gravel. The round holes, made in the rectangular cubes caught here, begin to splash as water the accelerates. As the water pressure increases with the force of gravity, these water lilies begin to function more beautifully.

During the period from November to January, when the area receives good rainfall, these water lilies can be seen working beautifully. (These naturally occurring water flowers are approximately 1500 years old. You have to asked yourself if we ware capable of creating such wonders even in today’s age of technological tools, technological knowledge.) There are four islands with moats on either side of the water lily. It is believed that there were pavilions on the flat boulders in the middle of the islands. To get to these islands, stone steps are set up. The water park is located at the bottom of the octagonal pond at the end of the large park.

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