Mirror Wall-Graffiti

This is known as the ‘Mirror Wall because Its surface has been highly polished like a mirror. wall is of architectural and also of literary importance because of its graffiti. Visitors to Sigiriya from the 7th to the 19th centuries A.D. have left their comments here the body of literature known as the ‘graffiti belongs to the 7-13 centuries A.D. The graffiti which express feelings of enchantment with the paintings in the surrounding environment are not only of literary and philological importance but they also provide contemporary social information.

Most of the scribble after the 13th century is mere reportage lacking poetic intensity and feeling. Prof. Senerat Paranavitana has deciphered 685 of the graffiti and has published them in a two-volume publication titled Sigiri Graffiti, and subsequently several other scholars have also deciphered and published other graffiti available on the mirror wall.

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